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Home Page: F.A.Q.

#1 Question: What's the cost for joining the Seek4Fitness.net Affiliate Program?
Answer: It's absolutely free of charge to join the Seek4Fitness.net Affiliate Program
#2 Question: How much does Seek4Fitness.net pay for each purchase I provide?
Answer: You will find this information by clicking Products Available in the Left Menu.
#3 Question: How often will I be paid by Seek4Fitness.net?
Answer: Last week of every month the affiliate accounts are processed, like now, and if you are eligible for a payout we will notify you about this.

If your accounts balance does not exceed the minimum payout amount (currently $50), the amount is transferred to the next month

On the last week of the following month the payout, from the previous month, will be performed using your selected payout type.
#4 Question: Does Seek4Fitness.net transfer money to my Bank Account?
Answer: Yes, payouts to both bank account and PayPal account are available.
#5 Question: How does Seek4Fitness.net track users coming from my homepage?
Answer: When a user clicks a Seek4Fitness banner placed at your website, the user is redirected to our servers and a cookie is placed on the users computer. This cookie is valid for 30 days and any purchase made by this user within 30 days is credited your account *)

*) See Products Available in the Left Menu for further information about commission etc.
#6 Question: I forgot my password
Answer: Click Login in the Left Menu to request an email with password information.
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